Monday, 25 July 2011

Nice to meet you... I'm an alien

OK so I don't think I am actually an alien, but sometimes I do wonder...

  Let me introduce myself... I'm a part-time lecturer and PhD student in the field of Applied Sciences, I have been married one year today to my amazing yeti husband Neil and we now have a wonderful baby girl who was born six weeks ago. My main interests lie in the field of conservation ecology and now of course the science of parenting. Yes... I see most things from a scientist's perspective; however being slightly eccentric, many of my ideas tend to verge on what most people might class as crazy.

  So... to explain the blog title. I'm not your average woman and certainly not your average mother. My husband and I have what seems to be an atypical relationship; with both of us sharing the usual marital roles. I work and bring in most of the money, whilst trying to get my PhD and he is an undergraduate student who spends more time at home. I was most drawn to him because he isn't your average macho man; he hates football and he gets emotional at almost everything. He was attracted to me for the fact that I'm a tomboy with more brains than fashion sense. I always thought I was born to be a man and I finally found someone accepted me for who I was. If I believed in soul mates then I would use that term, but personally I just think we were a perfect match. With that in mind we were engaged three months after we got together and married two months after that. Please note: planning a brilliant wedding does NOT take years; we are living proof of that.

  Since as long as I can remember I have been very disinterested in babies and children (People always made the mistake of handing me babies because I am a woman only to find I would just sit there looking like I was holding an unexploded bomb). Neil mentioned he had never really wanted kids, but soon we realised we wanted to replicate our genes together and we decided to procreate. Since our daughter Willow was born I have realised what people meant when they said that the birth of your first child is the most special moment in your life. I love that little girl more than anything and I will look after her till I die. That being said, I'm not going to start attending parent and baby groups because women and other people's children annoy me and I'm not going to give up work and become a housewife... I have a husband to do that stuff for me.

  I plan to write about my experiences as a mad lecturer, useless wife and dedicated mother. I think my work as a lecturer teaching teenagers, special needs students and undergraduates has given me a lot of experience with the way the UK education system works and also how not to bring up children! Trust me, I have worked with some horrible young people and I'm sure their parents are mostly to blame.

Thought of the day*: Feminists are stupid... how can you go on about being treated equally to men and not being judged for being a woman, then make sexist comments which stereotype men as stupid neaderthals?

* I decided to add this to my blogs, because I don't want to start posting pointless blogs about my obscure thoughts, I'd rather just add a section for me to include a 'thought of the day'.

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